Latest Adventure: Surprise Guest Speaker

It’s not everyday Anthony Daniels walks into class to talk about themed entertainment…love grad life!


Latest Adventure: Attack of the Clones!

many michael's! edited2Brother asked if we could film and edit him playing violin/cello like the Piano Guys. So we spent some time last weekend filming on the beach at Presque Isle. Still working on editing the final video together, but here is a preview of the full quartet.

Adventure is Out There!…Take Two

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been at the ETC for a year now.  I’ve learned and experienced so much in such a short time, it is amazing. But this year is just starting and it’s exciting to think about what kinds of crazy awesome adventures I’ll find myself on this year!

Our project semester is in full swing. I am working on an animation project this semester and we will be working on two short films. I am also learning cool things about guest experience, theme park design, and light show design in other coursework.

Sounds like another busy and exciting year!

The CAVE of Wonders

Training session on setting up an demoing in the CAVE platform room for the NHSGA students today. Saw the new updates and castle theming in the room. And I got to test out the new motion floor which is pretty sweet!