Latest Adventure: Pittsburgh Irish Festival

Last weekend I attended the Irish festival with my sister. Saturday evening we enjoyed milling around all the tents and stumbled across a pavilion where a group of people were Ceili dancing. We stopped to watch but found out that they were teaching the steps as they went along, so we decided to join in the fun.  Although it took almost to the end of the song to figure out what we were doing, it was still quite fun. (and it wasn’t until Sunday at their performance that we realized we had been dancing with the Willis Clan!).  Afterwards, we enjoyed listening to some Irish tunes performed by Gaelic Storm, even in the chilly, rainy weather.

When the concert ended and we were finally ready to head home and get out of the cold, we walked to the car only to find out that the battery was dead because I forgot to turn off the manual lights. Opps! Three calls to AAA, the police, and 2.5 hours later we finally made it home at approximately 3am.  This was the one part of the festival I could have done without, but it does make a fun story.

As tired as we were, we would not let a minor thing like sleep deprivation to stop us from returning bright and early the next morning for mass in Gaelic! The service was quite beautiful but the weather still couldn’t make up its mind so throughout the day we navigated through glimpses of warm sunshine and completely horrendous  downpours. But we did get to listen to Irish stories, watch performances from the Willis Clan and Cahal Dunne, and even learn a little bit of Irish! So overall, we had an absolutely wonderful time!


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